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“One stop shop” for new health care technologies entering  Adriatic region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia)

Arenda d.o.o. is pharmaceutical and medical devices distributor funded in 2008 by a group of medical doctors with strong backgrounds in major multinationals. It is Zagreb based (Croatia, EU), with full country operations in Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro (both non-EU), and rep office in Kosovo (non-EU).  Our territory represents quite complex environment of a total  of 10.5 mio inhabitants, divided in four countries, speaking 7 official languages and having 15 ministries of health, with total pharma market of 1 bio €. 

Our focus is in substantial innovations including niche innovations, and it is our aim to enable fast access to advanced treatments/diagnostics for local patients and medical profession utilizing regional synergies. Arenda d.o.o. was a partner on European Comission's project in the field of Transfer of Innovation.

Our core fields are gynaecological endocrinology, endocrinology/oncology, blood born infections and gastroenterology.  

Apart from the must of excelling in all logistic/quality aspects of pharmaceutical and medical devices distribution, our core functional competencies fall into the areas of regulatory, market access, medical marketing and sales. Therefore Arenda serves as a MAH or a local representative (regulatory, pharmacovigilance, etc) for our EU and non-EU principals, distributing only products that we are directly responsible for. 

  • Zagreb / Croatia based emerging company, started up in 2008
  • Fast growing, A++ rated
  • Strong background in major multinational pharma companies
  • Hands on experience and measurable success track in all regional markets: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia)
  • Hands on experience and measurable success track in several therapeutical areas: gynobs, oncology, opioid dependance, pain, GE, cardiology, rheumatology, allergology & ENT, dermatology, CNS, infectious diseases
  • Health care compliance and FCPA dedication
  • Eudravigilance certified and audited, GDP certified and audited
  • Strong innovation network / BICRO projects, European Comission’s project / Transfer of Innovation

Arenda Pharmaceuticals
Arenda Medical Devices
Arenda Consulting


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