Ialuxid Gel

Ialuxid® Gel prevents infections by forming a defensive, elastic and hydro soluble film on the skin’s surface that accelerates skin lesion healing. Distributed on the affected area, it forms a protective film against external agents and prevents skin infections.

It is intended for use in mild to moderate acnae, paronychia, folliculitis, impetigo and molluscum contagiosum.

IALUXID effectively prevents skin infections spreading and enhances affected skin regeneration because of the effective combination of ingredients:

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: oxidative action against bacteria, viruses and fungi

HYALURONIC ACID: naturally occurring in human tissues where among other things it participates in regeneration of damaged skin

GLYCINE: participates in restoring the skin's protective layer, alleviating the feeling of dryness, itching and redness. Protects the skin from infection

Suitable for long-lasting applications even on larger areas of the skin.
No risk of developing peroxide resistance.
No risk  of overdosing.
No known interactions.
No risk of photo-sensitivity.
No undesirable effects observed - possible chills and redness


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